Terms and Conditions of use of the site "SOFTDIET" and the application "SOFTDIET"

1. This agreement describes the general terms and conditions applicable to the use of the services offered by the application and the SOFTDIET website and defines the rules for the participation of registered users.

1.1. It is necessary to carefully read the contract before using the services, when using both the website and SOFTDIET application the user accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement

1.2. If the user does not accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, they will not have the right to use the site or the SOFTDIET application or its services.

1.3. Acceptance is expressly conditioned upon the user's manifestation of all terms and conditions of this agreement, including the privacy policy.

1.4. The Terms and Conditions may be subject to change whenever Softdiet considers it necessary.

2. Definition of terms

2.1. The Professional term defines anyone with access to the reserved area for Patient management and other functionalities through the web version of the software.

2.2. The term Patient defines anyone with access to the mobile version of the software provided by the Professional to access their data.

2.3. The term Receptionist defines anyone with access to the web version of the software, restricted, provided by the Professional for the management and scheduling of his appointments.

3. THE SERVICE - Professional

3.1. SOFTDIET is a service that provides healthcare professionals, including nutritionists and dietitians, with evidence-based online management of nutrition and dietary appointments.

3.2. The nutritionist can create the register of their clients, from a web browser on computers or mobile devices, such as sociodemographic data, nutritional history and anthropometry, for the planning of meal plans.

3.3. The nutritionist collects the data of the clients in each consultation, thus allowing an overview of the evolution of this.

3.4. The software is divided into three sections, namely in the section anamnesis, which allows the collection of information in an interview situation, enabling the health professional to diagnose nutritional problems. This section also allows the calculation of the energy needs, through the various predictive equations provided by the software, the resting metabolism and the physical activity factor.

3.5. The anthropometry section allows the study of body composition and shape, according to the methodology of the International Society for the Advancement of Cineanthropometry, to aid in the detection of nutritional problems or the study of dietary intervention.

3.6. Finally, the section diet allows the elaboration of food plans by the grams system, through the database of the national health institute. Recommended Daily Intake, Adequate Intake and Tolerable Maximum Intake Level is available for male and female population (pregnant and breastfeeding) for all age groups: Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academics.

4. Register

4.1. The registration in the SOFTDIET is free, and is exclusively for the nutritionist / dietitians enrolled in the Order of Nutritionists as trainees or effective members, or undergraduate students recognized by the Order of Nutritionists for access to the profession of nutritionist

4.2. The user benefits from a trial period of 15 days.

4.3. Its subsequent use has an associated cost and is advertised on the SOFTDIET website.

4.4. The website and the SOFTDIET application reserve the right to request any evidence and / or additional data to verify the registration of personal data, as well as permanently or temporarily suspend users whose verification of data was not possible.

4.5. Anyone interested will only be registered, and SOFTDIET may cancel any subsequent registration made by the same individual.

4.6. The account is unique, personal and non-transferable. Thus, it is forbidden for the same user to register or have more than one account.

4.7. If the site and the SOFTDIET application detect separate accounts that contain matching or related data, you may suspend or cancel them.

4.8. The acquisition of the SOFTDIET service through the fraudulent use of the identity of third parties may be prosecuted, with immediate suspension of the user account.

4.9. The user is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the access password itself.

4.10. The user is responsible for all transactions made through his account, as access is restricted to access with his password, his exclusive knowledge. The user must inform, through suitable means, any unauthorized use of his account, as well as the access of this account through third parties, not authorized by the user.


5.1. SOFTDIET may exclude you from using the service (eg, prevent you from logging in), when you have violated any of the terms of this term of use contained herein;

5.2. SOFTDIET shall not be liable for any damage, loss or damage caused to users by system, server or Internet failure.

5.3. SOFTDIET is not responsible for the behavior of users. By violating the rules in force by SOFTDIET, the user will assume all responsibility resulting in damages to any entity, individual or collective, SOFTDIET being exempt from any kind of responsibility.

5.4. SOFTDIET is not responsible for any virus that may infect your equipment as a result of access, use or examination of the site or the root of any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained therein.

5.5. SOFTDIET does not guarantee access to the continuous use neither of your site nor of its application, and the system may be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or for any circumstance outside the SOFTDIET.

5.6. SOFTDIET is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, adequacy, suitability and updating of the information provided through this service.

6. THE SERVICE - Patient

6.1. Access to the mobile App is provided by the Professional on the patient's profile page, if the license purchased allows it.

6.2. The Patient can access his data, from the mobile App for mobile devices, such as the sociodemographic data, anthropometry, meal plan, appointments, prescriptions and the sociodemographic data of the Professional, namely name and professional card, mobile phone and workplace.

6.3. Access to the mobile App is dependent on the Professional's license validity. The non-renewal of the license by the Professional removes access to the Patient.

7. THE SERVICE - Receptionist

7.1. Access to the web version of the software is provided by the Professional in the "options" menu.

7.2. The Receptionist can access the management and scheduling of appointments of the Professional of the respective workplace, whenever the Professional's license is in force.


8.1. The data of the users and their respective patients stored in the website app.softdiet.pt, remain in the system for a period of 2 years after the expiration of the account.

8.2. Personal data will be processed and stored on servers that maintains a high level of security and protection.


9.1. By accepting these Terms of Service, the user undertakes to:

b) Keep confidential the data of access to its register in the website softdiet.pt and use only the register of which it holds, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with that same registration, even if by third parties, with or without its authorization;

c) Adopt only conduct that does not violate the current legal order or that in any way damages legally protected positions;

d) As a nutritionist, assume full and exclusive responsibility for your actions towards your clients.


The Customer expressly acknowledges and accepts that the invoices relating to the services provided by SOFTDIET are issued electronically and sent by the user to the user by e-mail indicated by the user when subscribing the service to SOFTDIET.